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Hair Coloring

Add some more vibrancy to your life with hair coloring! Understandably, any hair coloring can be a daunting decision to make. That's why here at Sondra @ Studio 55 Hair Salon, Sondra is continually working to ensure you're getting what you want throughout any session.


While the hair coloring session may take a lot of time, it's an investment in the results to come. Many people who change their hair find that it allows them to feel bolder and more daring. After you've had such a drastic change done for your appearance, it feels like there's nothing you can't do!


Depending on your style and hair coloring choices, you'll likely have to return to our hair studio multiple times to touch up your color and ensure the growth is doing well. Sondra also provides hair color correction if your shade changes over time or if you were the unfortunate recipient of a poor color technique. Let Sondra take care of your hair and allow you to enjoy the results for as long as possible.


Pair a hair coloring session with a cut or style and show off your new look. There's so much that hair colorists can do in the world of hair coloring, so why not start your journey here with Sondra @ Studio 55 Hair Salon in Longwood, FL?

Hair Coloring: Welcome
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