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Hair Stylists

Whether you want a new style for your day-to-day or have an exciting event you want to make the best impression for, finding good salon services in your area can be tricky. At Sondra's Studio 55 Hair Salon, you can trust that your hair and appearance are in good hands.


Understanding how different types of hair fall and keep their shape is essential for hair stylists. Sondra's years of experience in the industry have given her the tools and knowledge to provide the right style for you. She's also an experienced curly hair stylist, so for those clients who are tired of not having their hair properly cared for, Sondra can help you tame your curls or give them new life. Whether you want something that looks effortlessly casual or are looking to make a bold statement on the dance floor, Sondra can bring the style you desire to life.


Sondra also offers wedding styling for your big day. She also provides a facial waxing service to remove unwanted hair from your face and create a smooth canvas for makeup. You can have peace of mind knowing that you and your bridesmaids will have the absolute best and look amazing for your wedding.


Book your styling appointment today at Sondra's Studio 55 Hair Salon in Longwood, FL. You'll be delighted with your results!

Hair Stylists: Welcome
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