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short brown hair


Don't even think about it - home haircuts in front of the mirror shouldn't be happening! While Sondra is no stranger to damage control, it's still best to entrust your hair to a professional for your hair care needs. That's why Sondra @ Studio 55 Hair Salon offers both women's haircuts and men's haircuts that are customizable for your desired look.


People are always surprised by how different they can look with a fresh new haircut. With many people spending more time at home, it's easy to get used to what your hair looks like after it's been growing out for a while, and another entirely to have a proper hairdresser at the helm to give you a fantastic cut. More than just a trim - an excellent haircut accentuates your face, brings out your best features, and can change your silhouette. Confidence and increased self-esteem are side effects of great haircuts, so be prepared!


Sondra provides cuts at her hair studio in Longwood, FL, that can fulfill any of your special requests. From classy styles for a night on the town to a sharper image for business meetings, get in touch today for an appointment and see how fantastic you can look!

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