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Highlights are a fantastic way to dip into the world of hair color without sacrificing your entire head of hair or committing to a drastic new look.  If you're new, Sondra will be happy to walk you through the process and figure out what type of effect will be the most flattering for your face shape and skin tone. With many types of highlight services available, there's bound to be a style that works for you.


Highlights can bring out different features of your face and provide a look with more depth and volume. Traditional highlights run from root to tip and are still a classic way to add dimension to your style. Babylights are a great way to get a subtle, sun-kissed look. And balayage is a beautiful style that utilizes a freehand, gradual application of color. More popular than ever before, balayage is a technique of hair coloring that allows the stylist to have more freedom in product application, resulting in a beautiful gradient and more natural look.


Pair any highlight or coloring services with a haircut or styling session for a look that's entirely yours. Get in touch with Sondra @ Studio 55 Hair Salon today and book your appointment!

Highlights: Welcome
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